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A little bit about us


Yupa Yoga Studio was established in 2020 by Yupa and Leyla, with a mutual love for yoga and well-being, and the desire to share its many benefits with others. Based in the in the heart of Wollaston, Stourbridge in what used to be an old corn mill, the studio provides a warm, charming and welcoming environment in which to learn and practice the ancient art and science of yoga.

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops, so whether you are looking to try yoga for the first time or to build on a solid foundation, there is a class for you. We encourage you to try classes from all of our teachers, as they each have their own unique teaching style. Find the classes that you like and create your own personal combination, whether it's to wind down after a stressful day at work or to energise you for the rest of the week.

We take care to ensure that each class is small enough so that you get the space and attention you need. Our fully trained teachers provide direction and guidance to help you honour your practice and find your path. We respect and understand the variety of individual needs and work hard to ensure your yoga experiences are positive and enriching.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you, from the team at Yupa Yoga Studio and look forward to seeing you on your mat.


Jamie Palmer


Ashtanga, Hatha,

My interest in yoga began when I was a child, being influenced by my mother, who professed the many benefits to practicing. However, it wasn’t until later in life that I began regular practice, taking an interest in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga as well as studying it’s philosophic roots.

Wanting to acquire an authentic and undiluted education in Yoga I decided to complete my 200hr yoga teacher training in the foothills of the Himalaya’s, in a town called Rishikesh, renowned for being a yoga and spiritual centre in India. This knowledge and experience is something in which I find myself wanting to share with others, as I have felt profound benefits to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Yupa Beastall


Hatha, Tai Chi, Yin, Pilates, Meditation

Yupa is a well loved teacher, known for her inspirational and playful classes which focus on the healing power of the pranayama or breathing and it’s ability to create space in the body and mind. With more than 10 years holistic experience, Yupa has a vast range of knowledge

Katherine Bennett


Hatha, Restorative, Somatic movement, Flow

Yoga has so much to offer, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally; my aim is to share my experiences with you and take an alternative approach to the traditional, moving intuitively with anatomical guidance and a focus on wellbeing, to get the most from your practice. I discovered yoga 10 years ago whilst looking for ways to deal with stress and a slipped disc and later decided that I wanted to share the wonderful benefits of yoga

Elizabeth Hadley


Strong Hatha, Childrens Yoga

Hi guys! As a Hatha Yoga Teacher my real passion is being able to inspire others within their yoga practice and helping people bring peace and balance into their busy lives. I started practicing yoga while at university as a way to manage stress and decided that teaching yoga would be the career path I’d been looking for! My Hatha class focusses on a strong style of Hatha Yoga with adaptable postures and plenty of restorative meditation for the mind and body. I am also qualified as a childrens yoga teacher and offer a range of classes for different age ranges

Helen Grice.png


Hatha, Vinyasa

I've been practicing yoga for around 10 years now. Initially it was purely a physical practice - I wanted something to compliment the strength training I was doing at the time, but after becoming a Mum in 2014 and experiencing a massive awakening, yoga become something much more.

I started to explore the philosophy behind yoga and the way it can be applied to all aspects of our lives, not only to enhance the good bits but also to support us through the not-so-great bits of life that we experience from time to time.

I decided during lockdown V1 back in 2020 that I wanted to help other people discover how useful a regular yoga practice can be, not just as way of moving your body, which of course is beneficial to our wellbeing, 
but also as a way of soothing the mind, and equipping us to deal with the lemons that life can throw us!

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-20 at 6.35.53 PM.jpeg


Hatha, Restorative

I, like many, started my Yoga journey based on an attraction to the physicality of the practice, enjoying experimenting with movement of the body before quickly becoming fascinated with the life changing connection between the mind, body and breath.

My intention is to remind you of the power of movement and that a regular practice can help to quieten the mental chatter and self-doubt many of us struggle with daily, helping promote a kinder inner dialogue and outlook on life.

Your practice with me will invite you to learn from your past, strengthen your present and nurture your tomorrow. No two classes are ever the same and I welcome you at whatever stage of your Yoga journey you are at



Beginners Yoga

My yoga journey began during lockdown whilst having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I quickly began to notice the benefits on my health on several levels: psychologically, spiritually, and physically. As a result, I decided to complete the Himalayan Teacher Training in Goa to become a yoga instructor. On this journey, I found it gave me purpose, a new direction in my life going forward and a whole new perspective on myself and my wellbeing.


I also currently teach beginners yoga at the white House cancer support in Dudley.


I wish to bring the benefits of yoga and the attitude of "if I can do it, anybody can." Bringing everyone together is the atmosphere I wish to create for you all.


I wish to share and inspire you drawing from my experiences that I have gained throughout my journey. I aim to support my students and encourage you in evolving whilst learning in a fun and engaging way in my classes. See you there!



Hatha Vinyasa

Some years ago I took a year out from my office job, went travelling and eventually switched careers to work at a health retreat. I'd always loved exercise and the outdoors but here I got a bit obsessed with Yoga! I completed a Hatha Vinyasa teacher training with David Lurey, and later studied Thai Yoga Massage and Sky Yoga using aerial silks.


Alongside teaching I work on


A typical class with me starts with breathwork and body awareness, flows with variations around sun salutations and finishes with some deep stretches or inversion practice.


Work on yoga and it will work its magic on you in ways you didn't expect!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-24 at 08.40.13.jpeg


Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Childrens yoga

Kates yoga journey started in 2011 like most people she needed an outlet for modern day stress and anxiety. Already being in to fitness one yoga class a week fitted her lifestyle and training. But the curiosity and passion became so strong after furthering her own practice over the years that in 2017 she obtained her 200hr Hatha yoga teacher training.”Yoga opened my mind to a whole new world, the realisation that its not just the physical practice we need to focus on but the mental wellbeing also, how we conduct ourself and treat other is part of the practice” She has furthered her knowledge by training in Vinyasa, Yin, Hot Yoga and Children’s Yoga. 

“I truly believe that yoga can be found in everything we do,  including your Saturday night G&T. The yoga journey is truly endless and a life long practice that teaches us dedication to ourselves, self love is underrated these days and something we need to focus on more now then ever”

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